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Hey there! Local Atlanta Birth Photographer and I am so happy you’ve found me!

I’m Christin(e) Ortiz. Tucson native who moved to the south and loving it! Southern Hospitality is for sure a real thing and I’m all about it!

Meet your local Atlanta Birth Photographer Christin Ortiz
That’s me!

I have always been a birth nerd. When I became pregnant with my first child back in 2011. During that time “The Business of Being Born” was recently released and I was infatuated with the idea of giving birth naturally. (If you haven’t seen it, please click here:, I promise its worth your time)

A Little About Me

I am extremely blessed to birth both my babies at a birth center in my home town. (Fun fact: Both my babies were actually born in the same room just 23 months apart from each other! Crazy cool right?!) I desire to have that same goal for you, to have the birth you so long for and feel empowered to do so. Want to read more about me? Click Here:

Here’s my goal, my passion is to be able to visually show you how you rocked this birth, how powerful you truly are, and how amazing our womanly bodies are uniquely designed to birth naturally. Thank you for trusting me in this space to provide support for you. I promise, you will never regret hiring a birth photographer or researching more about your birth space. Women like you, are paving the way to normalize natural birth, the way God intended it. You are inspiring other moms like you to have the natural birth they desire. Other women, in preparation of their own birth love to see photos and videos of others experiences. I would love to talk all things birth with you!

Already know you would like to book or chat more about your birth plans? Let’s talk all things birth!

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