This is your birth story. You don't ever want to forget it. But the reality is, as time goes on those small moments you so desire to be etched into your brain forever, will slowly fade away. Hiring a photographer makes sure that you wont ever forget those tiny details, those moments of "firsts", your husbands reaction, or the way you felt. 

Raw. True. Unfiltered.

Luxury Kansas City
Birth Photographer
& Filmmaker

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Hey there, I'm Christin!

Wife to the love of my life + best friend. Mother to four. Believer. Homeschooler. Free thinker. Baby wearer. Cloth Diaperer. Milk Maker. All things "crunchy mom". -Is that even a term used anymore?

- Psalm 139: 13-19
For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mothers womb. I praise you, for i am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

"Thank you so much! They're all beautiful! I can't thank you enough for everything, from the beautiful pictures to all your encouragement on the day of the birth! You were amazing and made me feel like i'd known you forever!"

"These pictures do help me see how much strength it truly takes to give birth. We're so grateful you were there to help us through it! "

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