Please don't let life continue to keep you distracted, it moves by so fast. Don't let life, YOUR life, perfect the way it is, pass right by you. Let's slow it down, just for a night. Focus on being together, being adored, and loved on. These moments will sneak away, while you were blissfully unaware, until you look back and realize those moments are now just a memory. 

Ok mamas, how often are you in photos with your children, or with your husband, truthfully? No, i don't mean selfies, i'm talking true photographs, ones that were taken in the midst of your perfect chaos, by someone else. A photograph, 1/50th of a second in time, frozen, to look back on, reminisce. I could bet your answer is "not many". You never know when the "lasts" are. The last time you get to hold your little one as they nap, the last time they so despereately need your help tying their shoes, or the moment you wake up one day and realize they lost the last little bit of thier baby face. 

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