This is your birth

Have you heard of this gold nugget yet? "Choose the people you feel comfortable pooping in front of when choosing your birth team" and it's completely true.

You might be wondering what it may be like to work with me, to have a photographer document your birth. 

There is immense trust in the ones you choose to be in your birth space. I want you to view me as another part of your birth team. Another person in your birth space who believes in you, in your body's ability to birth your baby, naturally, true to the way God designed. 
My desire is to not only document this beautiful experience, but to also reassure you that you have got this mama! 

These are your i did it moments.

The moments you labored with so much power

Those first moments of connection

This wont be just a gallery of beautiful images that will sit forgotten in a downloaded folder. 
Not at all.
You and I will bond over this new human you're bringing into this world. 

Raw. True. Unfiltered.

Is what documenting your birth is all about. 

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Those beautiful moments, the little details, all play a part in your birth story. Before baby even makes it earth side. Don't forget these little details. 



Golden Hour

The pure joy of your baby being in your arms, safe and loved. Those first snuggles, the smallest feet, little crinkled hands, those newborn skin folds...all documented for you to never forget. 

The power of bringing baby earth side during those final moments, through the "ring of fire" Those first moments of you and your husband seeing your baby for the first time. 

Birth Photography isn't just crowning photos...nope, it's so much more than that! 

im ready!