whether during labor or when your child  is 5 days, 5 months, or 5 years old. 

You need photographs with you and your babies

I believe it's important for our children to grow up with portraits on our walls where they can see mom and dad expressing emotion and love for each other and for them. 

My focus is on creating authentic art and heartfelt images that convey the love, tenderness and joy you experience throughout the stages of your motherhood journey. The unique milestones and fleeting moments that make up this precious time. Using natural light, simple and candid photographs with soft and timeless aesthetic. My hope is to evoke feeling, to tell your story, and convey the depth of your family connection. 

Take the photos 

It's worth it. 

Unfortunately, I hear all too often how a mom just like you, regrets not having their birth story documented, or images of this beautiful stage of life taken. 

Don't let that be you. 

Christin Ortiz

Honey Works


For you to look back on this day and say
" We are so blessed to have these"

I want every mom who is in front of my lens to view their gallery and see just how strong they were during labor. To see just how much you are needed in your family. Chosen by god to be a mother. To show how beautiful your motherhood is. to show all the raw emotion, real interaction and important images of you and your loved ones.  

My heart:

To be honest, this has absolutely nothing to do with me. But just to be sure if we may be a good fit: I've co-slept, baby wore, and even cloth diapered. Extended breastfeeding, delayed cord clamping, essential oil using, good ole crunchy mom. 

I do want you to know who I am and what my beliefs are, as they are what I bring into your birth or session. 
I named my business Honey Works because first and foremost, I am a Christian. Daughter of The King. This comes first, before being a wife, before being a mother, and before being a business owner, photographer, and filmmaker. My faith is what drives this business, what drives me to document birth and families. It is through my belief in Christ that I have the heart to photograph the miracle of birth and the beauty that is motherhood. I serve every mom and family through that lens.  It's an honor to document your family and birth. My hope is that I can serve your family representing Christ. My desire is to show you just how beautiful motherhood is while you are in the thick of it. To see this amazing, beautiful, sacred, God given miracle the way it was intended. These are the most important days of your life. Your birth is the moment that changes history and brings a new present. Becoming mother. 

- Psalm 24: 13-14
Honey from the comb is sweet to your taste. Know also that wisdom is like honey for you: if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cutoff.

I know where you're coming from

You want to walk into your home and see those beautiful images of your family displayed throughout your walls. Bringing the feeling of safety, love, and connection flooding your senses when you walk in the door. 

Or let your children flip through an album of one of the biggest days of your life. The birth of your child. 

But i get it, life is just so so busy.

Let me take care of everything for you. 

I'm REady

I missed out on every single opportunity to document my kids, I don't have any maternity, newborn or family photos from when they were younger. 

And it breaks my heart.

five fun facts

1. I'm inspired by vintage pieces, the kind that have obviously been well loved but cared for. Also by creamy and earthy colors, textured clothing, and timeless pieces 

2. I'm honestly a foodie, like for real, i love an amazing meal with delicioius food

3. There is a high likelyhood that i'm in sweatspants and a sweatshirt any chance i can get. 

4.  My Mom is the one who started me on this path of birth work. I was able to see one of my younger brothers being born when I was 9. 

5. Public speaking and being an exrovert is actually pretty hard for me. I struggled with social anxiety ever since i can remember.