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New moms can sometimes be overwhelmed during those first few weeks postpartum. Adding a newborn session can seem like an added stress. I get it. Here are my thoughts from a Kansas City Birth Photographer on 5 reasons you should have a newborn session.

Detailed newborn images | reasons for a newborn session | KC birth photographer

Babies details change so fast!

Those first few months go so fast and it can be hard to remember those noticeable differences, those little changes, that can slip by so incredibly fast.

To memorialize the fleeting newborn stage

As baby slowly gets bigger, its hard to remember just how little they were when they were fresh and new. The fuzzy baby body hair, the wrinkles on their feet, the newborn baby smell. All needs to be remembered.

reasons for a newborn session | those details | KC birth photographer

Detailed images to share with friends and family

If your family is like mine, we’re spread out all over the US. Which can be hard to fit everyone into a schedule to visit without stressing you out. It will be so much easier to send photos to all your family members to show off your new little squish.

To announce arrival of baby!

These same photos of those little newborn details can be used to announce their arrival! Christmas cards are also a really good idea!

Hopefully I gave some reasons for a newborn session that is helpful to you.

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