What To Do With Your Birth Photos

Many times when a client of mine inquires about birth photos..the question is ultimately asked what she should do with them afterwards anyways. I’m sure there are other curious minds who would love to know what to do with their birth photos too! I’ve put together this list just for you…

Keep them for yourself

The beautiful moments of connection between you, partner, and baby.. the raw power you held bringing your baby hearthside..those moments don’t need to be for anyone else other than yourself.

To boost your confidence

Oh mama, if only you could have seen how much strength you had bringing baby into this world! With birth photography you can!


Seriously, what you just did, that was nothing short of AMAZING MAMA! YOU did that! You should celebrate this moment!

Going into or coming out of a big life moment

This may be your first baby, or your last, you are going to want to remember all the precious details of your birth

To show other mama friends

Encourage others! Your mom friends (or your sister, or your favorite cousin) want to know that they can have the birth they want too! Blaze the way for them mama!

Kansas City newborn details  | What to do with your birth photos

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