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Birth photographer capturing Grandmother supporting mother with breastfeeding

A question many new parents have once they’ve found out that there is a growing baby inside moms belly. Is hiring a birth photographer worth it though? It REALLY is!

What I want you to know and think about is the investment that you are making when you hire a birth photographer and what makes it worth it. The profound strength of a mother bringing life into this world is a breathtaking moment to capture and be a part of!

Here are a few reasons that hiring a birth photographer is worth it.

  • You don’t want you husband missing out on those special moments and worrying about having to hold a camera. Multi-tasking can be hard, especially for someone who is so emotionally tied to what is happening. Birth photography enhances your family connection with no distractions, you are both able to soak in the moment fully. To focus on bonding with your partner and new little one.
  • Parents that may have gone through IVF and fertility issues want this day documented.
  • Honestly, if you’re anything like me, you won’t remember much of what happened from your birth. As you are laboring and going through each contraction, you are so focused on birthing the baby. you may also not remember what your significant other was saying, if they were rubbing your back, feet, or helping you get into a better and more comfortable position. I will be able to step back and capture your whole family working together to bring this new life into the world. You will cherish the fact that you will be able to look back onto those details.
  • All the little details. The first time your baby takes their breath, those wrinkly little feet, that matted hair, your look of confidence and relief, the look your husband has when he realizes his child is now here. I can capture that moment, you can focus on the most important task of welcoming baby into this beautiful world.
  • Sharing your power and strength while supporting your journey.

With that, it leads me to the second most common question I usually get.

birth photographer, Newborn atlanta baby gazing at mother during breastfeeding

What type of images will I have for my birth? Can’t my partner or best friend just capture them?

Your birth photographer will normally come in around active labor and capture your birthing process until around 1-2 hours postpartum. They can stay longer or come sooner depending on how mom and baby are feeling during labor. Your birth photographer will capture the laboring process, your loved ones being present with you and the final push bringing your baby into this world. They will capture the cord being cut, footprints being taken, and the well-baby check along with many other detailed moments like those sweet little wrinkled feet. If you have other children, they can capture that first sibling meeting. If the lighting is really dim, their camera is made to work with very low lighting. Most cell phones and non-professional cameras are not built to handle this kind of lighting.

New father and mother joyous of newborn birth captured by birth photographer in Kansas City

Do you see the benefits of hiring a birth photographer? I hope this helped!

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