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Why hire a birth photographer?

Hey there,I’m Christin(e), Kansas City Birth Photographer. I have found that there seem to be many “missing pieces” after healing from your birthing experience. At least, I know that’s true for me. I’ve had to fill in all the blanks from what others have told me my birth story was. Piecing together all the little snippets of information. What my midwife did to support my laboring decisions, the support from my husband, support from our doula to both my husband and I, how powerful I looked bringing another life into this world, the emotions that were flowing throughout the room, and most importantly, how peaceful our experience was bringing our daughter into this world. Hiring a birth photographer in Kansas City is SO important.

How often will you be able to see how powerful you are?

Mom powerfully yelling during "ring of fire" while midwife catches babies head during home birth in Kansas City

But, what’s the difference on having just my husband there?

Dad is going to have his hands full. Helping your ob/midwife, supporting you (holding your hand, rubbing your back, giving you the support you need to be powerful), and when baby arrives, he will be there to hold them while you rest. Hiring a professional birth photographer lets dad support you , focusing on you and your birth, giving you the attention you need, without needing to worry about capturing those moments that are so important to you to document. Dad gets to be fully present to be what you need.

Dad holding brand new baby girl in arms in their home after home birth

Let’s get to the gritty details

When you have decided that birth photography is for you, something you would like to invest in, capturing those moments of “firsts” that you don’t ever want to forget. The details of your babies birth day. You will have more questions.

When should I book my birth session?

If you know that you would like to book with me, I would suggest getting on my books soon. To ensure the best possible experience from me, I take a limited amount of moms due within the same month. Giving you more time to also do a payment plan if needed.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

Even if you go into labor at 2 am, I will be there. I’m on call for you 24/7 starting at your 38th week of pregnancy until you go into labor. Meaning my whole life is organized around you, to leave at a moments notice.

Peaceful newborn of a home birth

How long will you stay with us?

I will join you and document everything I am able starting from active labor until 2 hours postpartum. Getting in all those “firsts” moments from baby being born to siblings seeing their new baby sister/brother for the first time.

What if you miss my birth?

Labor and birth are so unpredictable. It is incredibly important that we have good communication throughout the last few weeks of your pregnancy up until you believe you are in active labor.

What if my birth doesn’t go as planned?

Birth is unpredictable, I will be there every step of the way to document what your birth story entails- provider permitting. I would check with your ob/midwife and let them know that you would like your certified birth photographer/doula in the labor room or OR.

How soon will I receive my birth story images?

You will receive your birth story within 2-4 weeks from your delivery date.

Will my birth photographer stay to capture those moments of my other children meeting their new sibling?

I will stay for 2 hours after baby is born, please have everyone/anyone you would like to meet baby there within those 2 hours so I can document those moments for you.

Big sister holding brand new baby sister after she was born at home
"Baby" sister gazing at the newest baby of the family after a home birth Kansas City

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