Birth doulas hold such special, almost sacred, spaces in the birth world. I’m not a midwife or the nurse. I don’t do any charting, or measure any process of your labor. A doula is quite simply there for support, to hold space for you while you are working to bring your baby into this world, […]

October 14, 2022

What is A Doula? | Kansas City Doula Explains

Birth Doula

Think of a birth doula as an experienced guide who has already gone through the journey that is birth. Helping to navigate with support. Birth doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support for both mothers in labor, their partners, and other family members who are present.

June 7, 2022
Tucson Birth Doula

I have found that there seem to be many “missing pieces” after healing from your birthing experience. At least, I know that’s true for me. I’ve had to fill in all the blanks from what others have told me my birth story was. Piecing together all the little snippets of information. What my midwife did to support my laboring decisions, the support from my husband, support from our doula to both my husband and I, how powerful I looked bringing another life into this world, the emotions that were flowing throughout the room, and most importantly, how peaceful our experience was bringing our daughter into this world. Hiring a birth photographer is important.

April 17, 2022

Kansas City Birth Photographer | Common Questions

Kansas City Birth Photography